Datchet Health Centre (DHC) | Annual Infection Control Statement 2022

– Author Andrew Windsor, ICP lead


DHC is committed to ensure high standards of infection control and prevention (ICP)_in both the cleanliness of the building and procedures and treatment options followed by staff. 

This statement is produced in line with both the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and demonstrates our commitment and compliance in following the infection control guidelines over the previous year (16/11/21 -17/11/22). It also outlines some of our planned improvement and development actions for the coming year. 

Infection Control Lead 

DHC named Infection Control Clinical Lead – Andrew Windsor, Paramedic Practitioner 

DHC – Non Clinical Lead – Rim Kennou  - practice Manager 

Significant events – relating to Infection Control 

There have been no significant events reported at DHC in relation to infection control.

Infection Control Audits

Over the last year I have conducted several audits as detailed below, these are aimed at ensuring continued high standards of ICP are maintained, the audits focus on key areas such as clinician compliance with hand hygiene, clinical room audits reviewing the standard of all clinical areas, ensuring all staff are up to date with their own ICP training.

30 room audits were completed – these review cleanliness or clinical rooms, as well as ensuring well stocked PPE, and appropriate disposal of clinical waste and sharps 

25 staff hand hygiene audits were completed with 100% compliance, these ensure all clinical staff follow Public Health England guidelines around hand hygiene when working, this has been shown to prevent spread of infection. 

I have, this month also invited local Infection control leads from the wider NHS into DHC for a full ICP audit, we achieved 91%. This has highlighted some new areas to focus on in improving our overall compliance further. These findings will direct my focus for further work and audits on improvement over the coming year. 

Areas for improvement identified include.

  • Improving compliance of our cleaning contractors in the storage of their equipment in line with COSHH expectations, correct storage of buckets (should be upturned)
  • Improving signage around sinks to stipulate Hand Washing only
  • Reducing clutter on some clinical desks to allow improved cleaning – clear desk policy will be encouraged
  • Uploading ICP policy to our website
  • Ensuring a wider splash area of sinks to reduce risk of other equipment being contaminated

Infection Control Policy

DHC Infection control policy was reviewed and updated in August this year, this was a full review to incorporate the on going PPE advice following the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Training – relating to ICP 

All staff are required to complete and annual ICP training update, our practice manager ensures 100% compliance of this. 

As ICP lead I have completed additional training lead by the local CCG infection control lead, they are rolling out new training which will consist of monthly meetings disseminating hot topics relating to ICP. 

An example of this is promoting World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW) wc 18/11/22.